Kiesow Tiling and Drainage

Why Do YOU Need Agricultural Drainage?

To Increase Your Crop Yield up To 50%!

Farmers who do not want the length of their growing season limited by standing water or overly moist soil conditions rely on professionally installed tile drains to start their growing season on time!

field drainage trencher for installing drain tiles

Kiesow, Inc. has over 45 years of experience helping farmers throughout Central and Southern Wisconsin extend their growing season and increase their crop yields and generate higher revenues using drainage ditches and field tiling.

We use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to survey your fields and determine the optimum location and pitch of drainage tiles. Then we use the same system to precisely place the tiles where needed for optimum drainage of your crops.

Our Field Tile Drainage Systems will optimize your crop growth by reducing excess moisture in the soil and lowering the water table in order to prevent oversaturation of plant roots, leading to healthier roots and higher yield.

Drainage tile can also minimize or even eliminate soil erosion caused by runoff of phosphorous and other necessary nutrients.

How Much of a Yield Reduction Can YOU Afford?

A study by the University of Ohio, in conjunction with the U.S.D.A., found that planting delays can result in a yield reduction of 1% to 2% for EACH day that planting is delayed!

Other services provided by Kiesow, Inc include:

  • Better soil aeration results from good drainage. This permits deeper and more extensive root development and a more favorable environment for beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms.
  • Better soil moisture conditions with good drainage permit more timely operation of tillage, planting, and harvesting equipment. There is less chance of destroying soil tilth due to working soil when it is too wet.
  • An increased supply of nitrogen can be obtained from the soil where water tables are lowered by a drainage system. This can reduce your nitrogen fertilizer application.
  • Soils warm more quickly in the spring when free water is removed by a drainage system. This reduces the likelihood of planting delays or seeds rotting before germination.
  • Certain toxic substances and disease organisms are removed from the soil due to better drainage and better aeration.
  • Soil erosion can be reduced on a well-drained soil by increasing its capacity to hold rainfall, resulting in less runoff.
  • Deeper root development enables plants to better withstand summer droughts. Roots usually penetrate to within 15 inches of the water table. High water tables in the spring due to poor drainage cause shallow root development and a smaller soil volume from which plants can obtain moisture and nutrients.
  • Valuable livestock water supplies can be obtained by draining hillside seeps and piping the water to stock water tanks.

Kiesow Inc. provides additional services such as ditching, ditch cleaning, and bulldozing to increase your yield by widening and extending your fields.

Call Kiesow, Inc. TODAY at 920-563-6364 to learn how more field drainage and erosion control can help you achieve optimal crop yields and profits!

Page Summary: Kiesow drainage systems help control erosion and agricultural field drainage by installing drain tiles and drainage ditches to help with subsurface and underground drainage throughout ALL Wisconsin (WI) counties, including, but not limited to, Brown, Dane, Milwaukee, Marathon, Outagamie, Dodge and Jefferson.

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